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Our highest level of membership is designed for those that need up to the minute Live Price Data* and access to detailed daily reports and news so that they can react quickly to any information that can affect the market on a daily basis. Our desktop terminal “Market Q” displays the live price data along with a sophisticated charting and analysis package which when combined with professional technical commentaries, detailed country specific reports, the latest news & weather information, plus exclusive access to the Sugaronline Archive, containing news, reports and data going back several years, has everything you need to make confident and precise predictions of future market trends.

SugaronlineDiamond also provides access to the latest MECAS Studies from the International Sugar Organisation, each taking an in-depth look at a key topic facing the sugar and ethanol industries.

 Features available to SugaronlineDiamond members
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  Dow Jones Sugar & Commodity Updates     Bulk Freight Matrix
  Latest News     Container Freight Matrix
  Sugaronline Ebriefing     Williams Shipping Reports
  Newsletter   Technical Market Reports
Sugar & Commodity Prices     JOB Economia
  Live Prices*     ISO Quarterly Market Outlook
  Delayed Prices     ISO Monthly Statistical Bulletin
  Delayed Prices, Charts and Options     Sucden Report
Country Reports     Travelling Trader
  Cropcast Weekly Weather Reports     Dow Jones Market Talk
  Cropcast Daily Weather Reports     ISO Monthly Market Report
  Sugaronline Brazil Weekly Report     ISO World Sugar Balances
  Sugaronline Australia Report     EU Agrimonetary Report
  Friday Editorial   Biofuels & Technology
  USDA Report     Ecoflex Report

If you have any questions about SugaronlineDiamond or any other level of membership please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on +44(0)20 7607 3191 or by e-mail at




  • Dow Jones Sugar & Soft Commodity Updates (Regular updates) 
    Displays regular news and price updates in both the sugar and soft commodity markets giving detailed timely information on options, volumes and open interest.
  • Latest News (Regular Updates)
    Displays updated news stories throughout the day with improved access to our news archives searchable back to 2000 (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Sugaronline Ebriefing (Daily) 
    Serves as a comprehensive, but easy-to-read daily newsletter, comprising of all the day’s top industry and market news influencing the sugar industry (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Newsletter (Twice weekly)
    Promotes different aspects of the Sugaronline site and services (Tuesday) and displays a concise summary of the industry’s main news stories (Thursday).


Sugar & Commodity Prices

  • Live Prices*
    Market-Q is a mature, browser-based, comprehensive desktop terminal that integrates global real-time pricing information, news, research, key corporate actions and dividend data, plus sophisticated tools, including advanced charting and alert services (click here for further information).

* Please note to receive live prices you will need to add the relevant exchange fees.

  • Delayed Prices (15-30 minute delay)
    Displays delayed prices for the No's. 5, 11 & 16 sugar contracts for the next 8 expiries (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Delayed Prices, Charts and Options (15-30 minute delay)
    Our technical analysis tool providing the ability to track and predict market trends with a range of charts, options and quotes.


Country Reports

  • Cropcast Daily & Weekly Weather Reports
    Covers past and future precipitation figures coupled with crop impact predictions and production estimates for the main sugar producing regions in the world (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Sugaronline Weekly Brazil Report
    Digging deep between the headlines of Brazil's sugar and ethanol markets and considering the possible impact on international trade (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Sugaronline Bi-Weekly Australia Report
    Bringing you insightful updates from down-under which is now the 3rd largest sugar exporting in the world.
  • Friday Editorial (Weekly) 
    Topical, bold, outspoken, sometimes controversial, but always informed, the Friday Editorial presents articles of commentary and analysis that include interviews with key industry figures and coverage from lesser known sugar producing regions around the world (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • USDA Report - United States Department of Agriculture Report (Bi-annualy)
    Provides a selection of informative reports including critical agricultural knowledge on international production, consumption and trade (click here to read a PDF sample).



  • Sugaronline Bulk Freight Matrix (Weekly)
    Is an informative reference point for trading sugar, it provides indicative freight rates for bulk freight, either 14,000 tonne bagged, 25,000 tonne Bulk or 40,000 tonne with destinations including; Black Sea, Egypt, Aqaba Jeddah, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, W.C.India, Sri Lanka, E.C. India, Bangladesh, Mombassa, Lagos, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Sugaronline Container Freight Matrix (Monthly)
    Is an informative reference point for trading sugar and includes indicative freight rates for container freight from Santos (Brazil), Bangkok (Thailand) & Nhava Sheva (India) to several destinations in West/East Africa, Red Sea/ Arab Gulf/ India / Pakistan, Mediterranean & Black Sea and South East Asia & Far East (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Williams Shipping Reports (Weekly)
    Covers the movement of sugar in the key Brazilain ports of Maceio, Paranagua, Santos & Recife (click here to read a PDF sample).


Technical Market Reports

  • JOB Economia (Weekly) 
    Examines exactly what’s going on inside Brazil’s sugar and ethanol markets with analysis, statistics and price charts as well as relevant trade news directly from Sao Paulo via the expert hands of Julio Borges (click here to read a sample).
  • ISO Monthly Statistical Bulletin (Monthly) 
    Provides invaluable updates on the world sugar situation between yearbooks with around 85 pages and approximately 160 tables the ISO provides comprehensive monthly figures for both raw and white sugar trade as well as production and consumption (click here to read a sample).
  • ISO Quarterly Market Outlook (available in English, French, Spanish, Russian) 
    Is a mid-term analysis on sugar and sweeteners market developments providing complete world balance estimates and covering sugar production, consumption, trade and stocks with sections on WTO, alternative sweeteners, molasses and alcohol. Included are briefs on topical subjects including twice-a-year updates on changes in national sugar policies (click here to read a sample).
  • Sucden Report (Daily)
    Encompasses key trading data including London and New York sugar futures prices, whites premium, switches, commitment of traders and key options details as well as a brief summary of the days activities (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Sugaronline Travelling Trader (Daily)
    Includes the London No:5 and New York No:11 settlement prices and the white / raw premium values based on those settlement prices coupled with the top news stories of the day. Delivered to your inblox at approx 20.00GMT it is recognised as a good summary of the day's activity (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • Dow Jones Market Talk (Regular updates)
    Provides market commentary from credible sources within the industry throughout the day keeping you updated with the main movements within the no:5 and no:11 markets.
  • ISO Monthly Market Report (available in English, French, Spanish, Russian)
    The ISO Monthly Market Report examines the market on a monthly basis including a comprehensive press summary from news agencies, newspapers and other periodicals covering all the important sugar developments (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • ISO Quarterly World Sugar Balances
    This report from the ISO is chock full of statistics from production and consumption to import and export for every country available (click here to read a PDF sample).
  • EU Agrimonetary Report (Bi-weekly)
    Displays The ‘Unofficial Sugar Conversion Rate’. The USCR has the potential to change every 14 days depending on the value of Sterling against the Euro and whether at 1.30pm every second Thursday that value is more than 1% different (+ or -) to the previous fortnight.


Biofuels & Technology

  • Ecoflex Report (Daily)
    Includes ethanol freight information to common destinations, production flows, news and analysis of the global market along with price charts and quotes, especially useful if you’re interested in ethanol in Brazil or the US (click here to read a PDF sample).


  Join now for just $375 per month Other membership levels

If you have any questions about SugaronlineDiamond or any other level of membership please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on +44(0)20 7607 3191 or by e-mail at