ARGENTINA: Rains might delay sugarcane harvest in Tucumán region

Published: 04/20/2017, 4:27:04 PM

Sugarcane fields and other plantations in Argentina's Tucumán region have been affected by heavy rains and floods this month, which might delay the beginning of the harvest this year, according to Argentina's local radio LV12 online.

Jorge Scandaliaris, coordinator of the Sugarcane Program at the Experimental Agroindustrial Station Obispo Colombres (EEAOC), said the ideal was for sugarcane fields to have dry soil conditions which would enable the ripening process and allow the start of the harvest season.

"The ripening (process) is significantly late compared to last year's, which suggests that when we start the harvest we will have a decrease in quality compared to last year, at around 10% or 15%," he said.

Mills in the region tend to start the harvest in early May, but the current climate conditions might delay this process this year, Scandaliaris added.