BRAZIL: UNICA says cane crush in centre-south totals 607.14 million tonnes in 2016/17

Published: 04/12/2017, 2:58:07 PM

Sugarcane crushed in Brazil's centre-south region during the 2016/17 crop year, which officially ended in March 31, totaled 607.14 million tonnes, down 1.71% from the prior year, according to Brazil's sugarcane industry association UNICA, reports Sugaronline.

Sugar production reached 35.63 million tonnes, up 14.11% from 2015/16.

The drop in total cane crushed for the season was compensated by a 1.94% increase in the quality of the raw material. Total recoverable sugars (ATR) reached 133.03 kilos per tonne of sugarcane in the 2016/17 crop year, in comparison with 130.50 kg per tonne in 2015/16.

Ethanol output totaled 25.65 billion litres, down 9.12% from the prior season, when mills produced 15 billion litres of hydrous ethanol and 10.65 billion litres of anhydrous. 

Production of corn ethanol reached 234.15 million litres.

Ethanol sales by mills in the centre-south reached 25.97 billion litres in the 2016/17 season, when 1.36 billion litres were shipped abroad and 24.61 billion litres sold in Brazil. 

In the domestic market, hydrous ethanol sales by mills in the centre-south totaled 14.33 billion litres, down 17.36% from the 2015/16 season. Anhydrous ethanol sales increased 2.69%, to 10.28 billion litres.

The drop in ethanol production incentivized imports during the 2016/17 season to supply demand in the centre-south totaling 476.88 million litres.

The 2017/18 season has officially started in April 1. UNICA expects that 181 mills will be operating by the end of the first half of April.