BRAZIL: Sugarcane crush in centre-south totals 24.09 million tonnes in 2H April

Published: 05/11/2017, 3:59:46 PM

Sugarcane crushed in Brazil's centre-south region during the second half of April totaled 24.09 million tonnes, down 33.51% from the same period in the prior year, according to Brazil's sugarcane industry association UNICA, reports Sugaronline.

Sugar production reached 1.12 million tonnes, down 38.13% from second half of April 2016, due to a delay in grinding process by some units and a lower quantity of sugar produced per tonne of sugarcane.

Ethanol output totaled 931.6 million litres, down 37.71% from the prior season. Mills in the centre-south produced 600.02 million litres of hydrous ethanol and 331.58 million litres of anhydrous in the second half of April.

Total Recoverable Sugars (ATR) reached 110.72 kilos per tonne of cane in April, down 5,6% from April 2016.

According to preliminary data collected by Brazil's Cane Technology Centre (CTC) in 125 sugarcane companies, productivity in harvested areas decreased 14.84% in April, in relation to the same month last year, to 77.28 tonnes of cane per hectare. The reduced supply of “bisada” cane, which is sugarcane left in the fields during the prior crop to be harvested this year, was the main reason for the decrease in productivity.

By May 1, 231 mills were operating in Brazil's centre-south, in comparison with 239 at the same time last year. A total of 255 mills are expected to be crushing cane by mid-May, says UNICA.

Ethanol sales by mills in the centre-south reached 1.73 billion litres in the second half of April, when 109,04 million litres were shipped abroad and 1.62 billion litres sold in Brazil.