CHINA: Yunnan crush ended June 4

Published: 06/06/2017, 10:00:51 AM

China's 2016/17 crush season ended on June 4 as all the 58 mills in Yunnan province closed down for the season, reports Sugaronline.

Yunnan province crushed a total of 14.78 million metric tonnes of sugarcane, down 550,000 tonnes on the year, to produce a total of 1.88 million tonnes of sugar, 32,000 tonnes fewer than last year. Mills sold 787,600 tonnes of sugar, 140,000 metric tonnes less than last year.  

In May, factories in Yunnan produced 136,400 tonnes of sugar, 3,200 tonnes less than last year while they sold 164,000 tonnes of sugar, down 88,400 tonnes.

In May, factories in Guangxi sold 380,000 tonnes of sugar, up 165,000 tonnes.

In total, China produced 9.29 million tonnes of sugar during the 2016/17 crush, including 8.24 million tonnes of cane sugar and 1.05 million tonnes of beet sugar. Total production rose 590,000 tonnes on the year.

China sold a total of 5.29 million tonnes of sugar during the period, 630,000 tonnes more than last year.