CHINA: Total 2016/17 sugar production up on year at 9.29 million tonnes

Published: 07/06/2017, 9:36:52 AM

China produced a total of 9.29 million metric tonnes of sugar during the 2016/17 crush, 590,000 tonnes higher on the year, including 8.24 million tonnes of cane sugar and 1.05 million tonnes of beet sugar, according to Sugaronline.

As of the end of June, China sold a total of 6,031,600 tonnes of sugar for the 2016/17 crop year, 645,200 tonnes more than last year. It includes 5,210,900 tonnes of cane sugar and 820,700 tonne of beet sugar.

The cumulative average selling price of sugar for the 2016/17 crop year was CNY6737 (US$990.1) per tonne. For beet sugar, the average price was CNY6631 per tonne while for cane sugar it is CNY6751 per tonne.