BRAZIL: Sugarcane industry has to invest US$15 billion to meet demand in five years

Published: 07/17/2017, 5:24:32 PM

Brazil's sugar and ethanol industry will need to invest about US$15 billion to meet demand by 2022/23, said Arnaldo Corrêa, director of Archer Consulting firm, according to Brazil's Globo Rural news website.

The investment would be necessary to build 24 mills able to process at least 5 million tonnes of sugarcane each per season.

Archer Consulting firm expects the demand for Brazilian sugar to increase to 38.92 million tonnes in the 2018/19 season, considering exports and domestic consumption. This demand will increase to 42.39 million tonnes by 2022/23.

The demand for anhydrous ethanol is expected to increase to 13.13 billion litres in 2022/23, while demand for hydrous ethanol should grow to 17.67 billion litres.

Brazilian sugarcane production will need to increase to 726 million tonnes by 2022/23.