BARBADOS: Cane crush progressing well

Published: 03/20/2017, 8:02:47 AM

A promise to significantly increase sugar production for this year's sugar harvest seems to be crystallising for the producers, according to Barbados' Daily Nation newspaper.

Almost six weeks after the 2017 harvest started, nearly half of the last year's total has already been surpassed, said Portvale Sugar Factory manager Raphael O'Neal.

Speaking to the Daily Nation Sunday, O'Neal said that approximately 3,000 tonnes of sugar had been produced to date. A paltry 7,000 tonnes was the total for the whole of 2016.

Last year's disappointing harvest was due to a two-year-long drought which stifled crop growth. With the drought now a thing of the past and cane farmers increasing their acreage of production, the factory manager said this 3,000 mark in March bode well for the overall target of 12,000 tonnes.